Shock absorbers (Dampers)

When running a full car, off-track scenario, it is not uncommon to determine that the current shocks are not properly suited to the current setup. They may be ok in general, but may require revalving or modification to get the most from the vehicle.

To better serve our customers, we have the ability to analyze the dampers' effect on the vehicle, and make any necessary changes, or replace with ones that are better suited for the vehicle, and its intended use.

We have special arrangements with several highly regarded shock absorber manufactures and can utilize shocks from our inventory or arrange for them to arrive in short order. If necessary we can set them up properly for your vehicle prior to installing them.

Our changes and enhancements made from the results of our testing, will dramatically improve the overall handling characteristics of the vehicle. The synergistic effects of these chassis/suspension improvements, combined with new-found increased driver confidence, will almost certainly result in lower lap times.