Additional Services

GEO System Technologies is in a unique position as a test center. Unique in that direct support is available from the parent company PowerStream Industries. This allows us to offer important additional services to our test customers. Services that require the testing customer or test center to seek outside assistance for custom brackets, mounts or fixtures etcetera often required for full car and component dynamic testing.

CAD Design & Engineering

We have expert design and mechanical engineering capabilities available for very quick turn around. From custom mounts to chassis or suspension components we can assist. Whether preliminary concept design or 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis we are here to help. Should you need design help specific to a GEO Systems test session we will offer exceptionally fast turn around.

Quick Turn Precision Machining Services

If you require a part or component to be produced for testing requirements, or any other purpose, we are an excellent source. We offer a wide array of machining processes, coupled with highly skilled machinists and engineers. If custom machined parts are required for a GEO Systems test session, we will provide incredibly fast service.

High Quality Metal Fabrication

Should a need arise for precision fabrication and/or welding, we are here to help. GEO and PowerStream possess a wealth of experience relative to motorsports, aerospace, and industrial applications. Many of our fabricated parts and components can also involve utilization of dissimilar materials, including the use of composites. If fabricated parts are needed for a GEO Systems test session, they will be delivered with minimal lead times.