GEO Systems Technology Process

The basic Process of performing off track full vehicle performance oriented testing involves several important elements.

  1. Participants in the form of owner/driver/technician or engineering and technical support team.
    Depending upon experience or sophistication of participating company or team.
  2. Vehicle Performance Description or Track Acquired Data If new to off track testing or possess no acquired track/vehicle data please provide a thorough description of negative vehicle performance characteristics. If data is available please provide any support data along with appropriate descriptions.
  3. Provide Vehicle in clean properly prepared condition.
    Refer to pre-test plan for vehicle preparation information.
It's important that some form of data is provided.

A very good way to begin the test process especially for the less experienced participants is to fill out our GEO “Pre-test Plan” document. It provides prompts to include information important to the off track testing success. When completed the form will help insure the tests will initiate with all information necessary.

This helps to avoid delays in the testing process and allows for better data and less costly delays.

Should any questions arise while attempting to fill out form please contact us for assistance. We suggest that you begin the process of completing this form well in advance of arriving at the GEO Systems test center. This form can be found and downloaded under the “resources” pull down menu at top of page.

Upon test session completion to customer’s satisfaction a post test meeting is recommended to insure participants get maximum value from the process.

All charts, graphs and acquired information from testing will be reviewed at the detail necessary to help insure the customer gets maximum opportunity for improving the performance of the vehicle.

Quality Information or Data is Very Important to the Successful Outcome of Test Process

We have provided customers with results regardless of quality of info or data provided. However there is no question that better data typically results in superior test results. We promote the process of data acquisition as it provides us with tools allowing us to better serve our customers.