GEO AWARE Installed at Sweet Manufacturing

February 2, 2016

The GEO Team traveled to Kalamazoo, Michigan on Feb 2nd, 2016 to install and setup the AWARE 1.0 in the new building at Sweet Mfg. The AWARE 1.0 will help bring Sweet into the forefront of Dirt Circle Track racing technology, with their new approach and designs to Modifieds.


The installation of the AWARE 1.0 and all its peripherals only took about two days, thanks to clutch teamwork between the professionals at Sweet Mfg, and the GEO Crew (Amos, Jeff, Jay, Justin). The shop inside was gorgeous, and certainly more welcome than the snow outside!



Day 3 consisted of calibration(bottom pic) and training on the rig, and the Sweet guys seemed real excited about it. 



Randy had more than a few Epic stories, built from a lifetime of experiences noone could imagine having. You owe it to yourself to talk to these guys..never met anyone quite like like them!


We cant thank the guys at Sweet enough: Randy, Peter, Joe, Phil, and Joe(the other one), and look forward to working with them from here on out! (Phil made this killer Graphic Operations Terminal holder)