Get Started

Experienced professional full car of track testing

Whether you are a first time amateur or a experienced professional full car of track testing can be as simple as making contact with us and describing your testing requirements and final goals

We would need to know what source of data you can provide.

It maybe a description of what the vehicle is doing that doesn't agree with you. What makes you uncomfortable or what you feel is standing in the way of lower lap times.

Alternatively testing can be based on channels of data compiled with use of a data acquisition system for general analysis or laps/track data focusing on vehicle improvement on a particular racing circuit.

If a professional race team experienced with this process it can be as simple as scheduling time on one of our three unique test platforms.


Regardless of experience the following items should be planned prior to testing date.

Mounting considerations:

  • If this is the initial session with your vehicle on one of our test platforms we can provide CAD data relative to our systems for you to work to.
  • If design or engineering services are required we can assist. Time required will be charged at an hourly rate.
  • If a source is needed for mounting components we can enlist PowerStream to produce any parts necessary to mate your vehicle to our test platforms. They have many years of experience producing custom mounts and fixturing for off track testing applications.
Component changes:

Please make us aware of any component change outs you would like to make and the priority in which the changes should be made. If you need assistance with any components such as shocks, springs, sway-bars, etcetera please contact us if we don't have the parts we should be able to source them for you quickly.

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