About Us

GEO Systems Technologies LLC

We are a company that exists to provide off track testing services. Our primary focus is the testing of competitive motorsport cars and trucks. The systems are also very well suited for testing of road cars, ATVs, UTVs and even Formula SAE cars.

Specialty vehicles such as military or other defense oriented vehicles are a very good fit for our systems.

We are happy to be involved beyond road going or track oriented vehicles. Things like tractors of varying types and other industrial wheel and tire equipment are a good candidate for our exceptionally diverse systems.

The GEO Test Team consists of test and data engineers as well as trained and highly knowledgeable vehicle technicians, experienced in working with a very large cross section of vehicles. This team is here to assist those that don't have technical and engineering resources in-house. With large professional race teams, we will be happy to just run the test platforms per your instruction and assist only as may be requested.

GEO Systems Technologies is licensed to utilize the GEO Systems names logos and slogans owned by the test systems manufacturer PowerStream Industries.”