Kinematics Compliance Dynamics

Geo Systems


This 8 post 50 axis system is the most capable system of its type in the world. The capability to analyze chassis and suspension has never been accomplished in 1 test platform.

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Kinematics Compliance Dynamics

Geo Systems


The "Insight" is a 4 post 16 axes test platform with extensive Kinematic and Dynamics Capabilities.

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Kinematics Compliance Dynamics

Geo Systems


The Aware is a 4 post 12 axis test platform optimized for quick and precise race vehicle set up while also providing extensive chassis and suspension test capabilities.

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Who We Are

Welcome to Geo Systems Advanced Off Track Testing

We are a company that exists to provide the very best in full car off track and component testing services and systems. The primary purpose that our test platforms were designed for, is the testing of race and performance oriented vehicles. However they have shown to work exceptionally well for many types of testing including automotive manufactures. power sports vehicles, industrial equipment and even determining precise characteristics for material panels or shapes.

Our Philosophy

What We Do

Improve Performance and Safety through Technology

Whether you are a first time amateur or a professional test engineer we welcome you to test with us. We will provide any support possible to help insure the time spent at GEO Systems test center is as productive as possible.

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Geo Systems Technologies Test Centers

Geo Systems Technologies Test Centers utilize test platforms developed by the forward thinking and engineering driven group of PowerStream Industries

Our premier test platform, known as the Discovery, is based at our Geo Systems Technologies Test Center and provides 50 axes of precision movement. This system allows a view that has never been seen before, by even the most advanced test systems. Our US facility also contains our Insight and Aware platforms, both of which pave new roads when it comes to complete-vehicle testing.

Why choose us?

We provide many distinct advantages over
other equipment and test systems

  • The very latest in testing technology.
    All electric systems (no hydraulics). Extremely precise, positional repeatability to .0004mm.
  • Three test platforms largely reducing wait time.
    Schedule testing when you need / want it.
  • Accomplish much more in less time.
    Systems capable of wide range of chassis and suspension diagnostics.
  • Work with GEO Systems engineers and expert technicians who are as concerned about the success of your test session as you are.
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Whether you are a first time amateur or a experienced professional full car, off-track testing we can help.

Let's Get Started!

How does GEO systems work?

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